Create and Play With Us!

Ages 5-8 - Social Skills Tinker Group

Saturdays, 9:30-10:30

February 23rd - March 16th

Wise Family Counseling in Alexandria


Join us for our Social Skills-Tinker Group. This group lets your child learn and practice social skills while involved in highly engaging, meaningful tasks.

Hands-On Social Skills Training

While your child is happily engaged working on a project, he or she will be guided through social skills and emotional regulation strategies by a trained counselor and a special education teacher, who will provide in-the-moment coaching.

These groups are targeted for children who may have difficulty one or more of the following areas:

  • Developing a plan and following it through

  • Managing emotions when things do not go as planned,

  • Accepting ideas from others when working in a group

  • Sharing materials

This series will target essential skills such as problem solving, navigating how to share materials, and how to ask for help from peers and adults.


Play with us in Game Lab!

Ages 8-10

10:45-11:45, Saturdays February 23rd through March 16th

offered with Wise Family Counseling

Group members will begin by exploring a variety of games (board games, cards, competitive, cooperative, etc.) and the skills and strategies used during play.  Group members will then work collaboratively to create original games.  This group will support skill development in the following areas:

* Communication
* Problem Solving
* Emotional Regulation

About the leaders

Kasey Cain, believes in supporting the social-emotion growth and development children.  Kasey works to engage children through stories, games, art, and exploration because she believes that children learn through playing and interacting with people and the world around them. Kasey received her undergraduate degree from The University of Virginia.  After gaining some work experience in a pre-school and museum education department, Kasey decided to earn her Masters of Education from George Mason University with a focus on School Counseling.  She has practiced as a professional school counselor since 2006.  As a lifelong learner, Kasey then went back to school to pursue her certification for community counseling.    While continuing to work in the school system, Kasey began her work as a Resident in Counseling in 2015.  Kasey is thrilled to be partnering with an amazing Special Education teacher to offer these groups.

Ann-Bailey Lipsett, is a special education teacher and the founder of Lipsett Learning Connection. She has years of training and practice using Responsive Classroom, as well as the executive functioning curriculum, Unstuck and On Target. In 2011 she published an article in a peer-reviewed journal about teaching children emotional regulation skills in the school setting. She has a Master’s Degree in special education from the University of Virginia and is a graduate of Washington and Lee University. She is very excited to have the opportunity to work with Kasey again!