Ann-Bailey Lipsett

I have been in the education field for sixteen years, ten of which I served as an elementary school special education teacher. I provided special education instruction to students in inclusion classrooms, as well as taught my own non-categorical classroom and in an intellectual disabilities classroom. Through my work with students in the intellectual disabilities program I worked with a team to develop a method of teaching reading to students with low incidence disabilities. My team presented our work at the Council for Exceptional Children’s Division of Autism and Developmental Delay (DADD) conference in 2014.  I am a graduate of Washington and Lee University and have my Masters in Special Education from the University of Virginia. I have an advanced DIR/Floortime Certification through the ICDL. I worked as my school’s local screening chair, coordinating the meetings, paperwork, and educational testing as a part of the special education eligibility process. You can follow my adventures in special education on my blog,

Presentations and Action Research

Three Part Webinar Series on Engaging Read Alouds with the Division of Early Childhood (DEC!)

Watching Communication Grow: Following One Child’s Developmental Progressing Using an AAC Device. Pennsylvania Council for Exceptional Children, Harrisburg, PA, 2018

Creating Engaging Read Alouds for All Learners, NAEYC National Conference, Washington, DC, 2018

Creating Engaging Read Alouds for All Learners. Council for Exceptional Children's Division for Autism and Developmental Disability Conference, Clearwater, FL, 2018. 

Creating Sensory Storytimes at Local Libraries. Council for Exceptional Children's Division of Early Childhood Conference, Portland, OR. 2017. 

Creating Engaging Read Alouds for All Learners: Creating Connections for Shinning Stars Conference, Roanoke, VA 2017. 

Why Lipsett Learning Connection?

I have worked closely with children and their families as a teacher for 13 years, but it was not until I became a parent myself that I began to understand just how complex this role can be. Decisions that appear easy on paper suddenly have dimensions and consequences I never recognized before. The daily life of just planning three meals and making sure the kids get enough sleep can be stressful in itself, not to mention all the other tasks that need to be accomplished. I watched my friends whose children have developmental delays in complete awe because on top of everything else I struggle with they are also juggling occupational and physical therapy appointments, conveying their child’s needs to doctors and educational professionals, and trying to create a structured, supportive home environment that meets their child’s unique needs.

As I watched my friends and the families I work with manage their worlds I began to search for a solution to ease some of the anxiety and complexity of their worlds. As much support as schools give their families it is often not possible for them to be in the home connecting with the parent and child, problem solving the day to day difficulties, researching possible solutions, creating in-home behavior supports and learning activities that will increase the child’s development.

Lipsett Learning Connection was born from this search. It is your personal special education service, which can be tailored to meet your family’s needs. You and I will form a partnership that will create a strong plan to foster your child’s academic and social/emotional needs, while also helping you navigate your way through the complex world of parenting a child with special needs. The connection your child has with you is the most important relationship in his or her life. You are the first and most important teacher, guide, and friend. Together we will determine the best plan to give your child strong literacy skills to navigate the world and enjoy books for pleasure, emotional regulation and executive functioning skills, social skills, and foster language development in the home.

If you are not ready for a full partnership but are looking to increase your child’s abilities at home, I offer tutoring services that will address your child’s academic needs and build on their strengths.