Looking for a partner in meeting your child's developmental needs? Struggling with how to help your child reach his or her next developmental milestone?

Lipsett Learning Connection works with you to create individual, creative plans to support your child's development.

Give your child the gift of individualized play sessions with engaging learning activities, while giving yourself a partner in supporting your child's development!


Parenting is the hardest yet most rewarding job out there. It is a constant, internal struggle to know if we are doing the right thing, if it is enough or not. Those seemingly perfect moments of friends and their families captured on Facebook and Pintrest only add to our stress.

You need someone to listen to the day-to-day challenges, celebrate those small successes, brainstorm solutions, problem solve, and then give you the real resources you need to put these supports in place.

Lipsett Learning Connection gives this to you.

Now you can have your very own special education teacher at your fingertips. You can have a knowledgeable, caring partner to help you and your child reach to what is possible.  Our creative solutions and years of experience can help in many ways:

  • increase your child’s reading skills – not just for functional reading, but so they really enjoy it
  • support your child’s developmental growth using play-based activities they’ll love
  • foster the skills and confidence to increase their independence
  • create strategies to help with your child’s day such as a strong, visual morning schedule to get each day started on the right foot
  • make your community program more inclusive for all children

From plans that include basic tutoring services to a full subscription service, you can find the plan that meets your family and child’s needs.


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