Don't let your child lose reading skills over the summer!

A fun, engaging summer experience to help your child improve their reading fluency, decoding, and comprehension skills, and develop executive functioning and social skills! The group will be limited to 5 students.

Dates and Times for Summer of 2019 to be Announced!

During the first few sessions we will read various plays, talk about them, and choose one to perform. After that, the children will work together to plan out how to perform the play. This conversation will be focused on improving students' reading comprehension and analyzing the text, as the children will have to understand the characters' emotions, the sequence of the play and order of the scenes, and what sort of prompts and scenery will be important. 

The children will not be expected to memorize their scripts. This "Readers' Theater" style performance will give them practice in reading with expression and fluency.

The plays we read will have parts with different reading levels, so that the each student will be reading a part at his or her level. 

They will work on the social skills, creativity, and executive functioning skills, as they work together to plan out the play and create the costumes, scenery, and props themselves.

The goal is that by the end of two weeks the group will put on a show. It will be their show - which means it won't be a Broadway production, and it will be at my house, which of course limits the feeling like they are on stage. But, I am sure they will be proud of themselves.