The Mission:

Empower families and caregivers to give their child the support, learning opportunities and skills needed to live a full, literate, and enjoyable life.

I believe:

  • Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher, yet parenting can be an overwhelming experience. When parents are given support and collaboration with special education professionals who listen, understand, guide, and research ideas for parents, a child’s abilities will flourish.

  • When children are taught at their pace, in a playful, interactive method while their sensory and develompental are met, they are able to achieve beyond what we imagine for them. My hope is to work with your family to develop instructional plans that will allow your child to reach his or her full potential.

Essential Importance of Literacy Development:

Even the most basic literacy skills are needed to live a successful and enjoyable life. With the rapid development of social media, more and more of life’s opportunities can be found online, which requires a basic reading and writing ability. Reading is the key to holding jobs, keeping in touch with friends, relaxing, communicating with others, and accessing the greater world. Every child deserves to learn literacy skills that will open the door to life’s possibilities.

Working together as a team we will give your child:

  1. A love of learning

  2. Skills and strategies that can be transferred across settings

  3. A fluid balance in teaching essential life skills and academic skills

  4. Opportunities for experiencing learning in natural settings

What I can give you:

  1. An opportunity to have a partner in developing simple activities that promote learning experiences the whole family can experience together

  1. A clear goal and a concrete plan to move your child toward success

  2. Someone to help you navigate your child’s world. As a parent you need someone to listen to your concerns, ideas, and celebrations. You need someone to research additional possibilities for your child, create new learning materials, and be your child’s advocate in the world.